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Cadence Coffee Co.






why we're here

Cadence Coffee Company opened in October 2011 on Patten Parkway and moved to our current location on 7th Street in June of 2014. As you enter our coffee house, you're met by a big red wall with our three core values listed:

COFFEE: We seek to provide the best quality cup of coffee, roasted by the best quality roasters, in a timely manner with a spirit of excellence.

COMMUNITY: We want to be Chattanooga's ideal local coffee shop, where our staff knows your name and you know ours. If you're a regular, we love to make your drink as you walk through the door. We want to provide a place where anyone can come in, make a friend, feel at home, and feel part of a larger community.

CHANGE: We seek to be part of positive change in our city. We want to do our part to help end homelessness, poverty, human trafficking, joblessness. We want to not only partner with non-profit organizations in our city that are addressing these issues, but we also look to employ people who are serious about success, who have experience hardship and even crisis in their lives. We aren't their destination, but we certainly want to be a key stop on their pathway to success


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11 East 7th Street, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402