More Than A Coffeehouse

The vision has always been to be more than coffee. Not necessarily something other than coffee, but using coffee as a means to do something greater. In 2011, we began a journey of becoming more than a coffeehouse. We opened our doors with high hopes and great intentions to give back to Chattanooga. And we quickly established our very simplistic but meaningful purpose -- 

These three words, were the three that we decided we wanted to pursue and see happen. Each one builds on and makes the others come to life. Let us explain . . . 

1. Coffee

We have a passion to put an excellent cup of coffee in our customer's hand every time. A coffee that makes you want more. A cup of joe that you know was made with precision and craft. We desire to be a coffeehouse that stands out among the rest because we consistently serve great tasting coffee. Every day we see people from all walks of life come through our doors for a cup of coffee. Lawyers, homeless, bankers, single moms, business owners, and more. One common denominator unites the diversity of our customers -- they all love coffee! 

2. Community

Stemming from our common love for coffee is community. Merriam-Webster defines community as, "a unified body of individuals." We love that because we champion the unique passions, skills, and interests that each individual possesses and brings to the table. We want people to feel at home and be free to be themselves. A place where we know your name and you know ours. When you have a unified body of individuals who feel at home, are free to be themselves, sharing ideas and working together, that's when cool things start to happen. 

3. Change

We seek to be a part of positive change in Chattanooga. We can't do that alone though. Without a community of people around us with ideas, skills, and resources, bringing change is practically impossible. We want to do our part to help end homelessness, poverty, human trafficking, joblessness and more. Our desire is to not only partner with other businesses and non-profit organizations in our city that are addressing these issues, but to look to employ people who are serious about success, who have experience hardship and even crisis in their lives. 

The vision has always been to be more than coffee. 

To serve a great cup of coffee, that creates a unified community, who bring change to a city.

Jacob Carter